Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Choosing the right toys for your cat

When i first got my cat, i had no idea there were so many toys available for them... I wasnt sure of what I should look for, which would be the safest and which would be the most entertaining.

Safety first
First of all, when dealing with delicate animals such as cats, you need to keep some safety rules when choosing a toy or accesory. First try to look at it, touch and feel it so you can detect any parts that might be loose, this is extremely important because small parts such as fur, feathers or other small pieces can be chewed and swallowed by the cat, and it can harm them. When you deal with a toy which is furry, try pulling the fur to test that it wont come off, if it does maybe its not a good toy for your cat. They don't need to be licking in more "hairs" than they naturally do. Another tip for choosing a good toy for your cat it's try to choose toys which are soft and have a texture to them. Cats love to feel their toys with they paws, putting in their nails and chewing in (specially if its a kitten). I would advise to look for some toys such as "mice" and balls made out of textiles and having a small bell attached to them. The bell will get their attention with the noise they make when handled, but remember to check the bell is well attached before giving it to your kitty.

Miko playing with her catnip sock!

Simple cheap toys
Sometimes toys can be expensive and not availble for everyone, so here's some ideas on how to make cheap toys for your cats that they will enjoy!
I found that my cat loves to play with balls, she loves to run after the ball pushing it with her paws, running around lets her exercise as well, so this is just not a good toy to play with but also for her health because it helps them keep fit. This is a good option for adult cats that dont have another cat to play with. Here are the two options of balls:
1. Paper ball: Take a piece of paper and smash it tight into a ball. Secure it with a scotch tape all around.
2. Aluminum foil ball: Take a piece of the foil and smash it tight into a ball, this time you don't need the tape because the aluminum foil will hold its shape.. the bigger the piece of foil the bigger the ball, so you choose.
3. Grab an old sock, preferably a child's sock and stuff it with cotton, you can place a small amount of cat nip inside (so its double attractive) and sew the open border of the sock's leg. (take a look at the one in the picture above) Cat's will love it!

All the information above is based on my own experience with my cats, you should always look at what your cat seems to prefer and try to choose the toys that are more fit to their taste. Good luck!

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